Tennis Coach & Client Practicing
Tennis Fitness Workout
Tennis Hitting Practice
Tennis Coach & child
Tennis Coach & Male Client


Individual Coaching 

One on one coaching at a time that suits you

Mon-Fri -£60 per hour ( fee) 

                                                 Sat/Sun - £70 per hour             ( fee)

Group Coaching (optimum 4)

Private Group Coaching at your home court, optimum group size 4 people

Mon-Fri -£70 per hour ( fee) 

                                                 Sat/Sun - £80 per hour             ( fee)

Hitting Partner

Looking for a Professional Hitting Partner but struggling to find the time, we'll come to you.

Mon-Fri -£60 per hour ( fee) 

                                                 Sat/Sun - £70 per hour             ( fee)

Tennis Fitness Workout

Want to learn and have a workout at the same time? Don't sweat it though, we'll come to you.

Mon-Fri -£60 per hour ( fee) 

                                                 Sat/Sun - £70 per hour             (inc. travel fee)

Doubles Practice

Our coach can join in and make up a 4 and give tactical and technical advice as you play. Maybe you already have a doubles partner and want to improve your doubles game?

Mon-Fri -£70 per hour ( fee) 

                                                 Sat/Sun - £80 per hour             (inc. travel fee)



Please contact us 24 hours before the lesson if you need to cancel your booking otherwise the full fee for your lesson will be charged.



Please note: if over 30 mins travel, prices may vary

Serving Tennis At Home has a range of private tennis coaching services to suit all ages and abilities. For details and pricing* see below: